Improve the Enemies in Your AS3 Avoider Game

by Michael James Williams on April 29, 2009

in Avoider Game Extras,Tutorial


This week’s new piece of the AS3 avoider game tutorial is all about adding variety by changing the enemies’ sizes, speeds and directions.

Unlike the other pieces, though, this was not written by me.

The writer is Mushyrulez, a regular reader and commentator both at this blog and FrozenHaddock’s. He’s the first contributor to our new tutorial site,, and I think he’s done a really great job!

Check out his tutorial here: AS3: Enemies, Part 1. It leads on from Part 12 of mine, so if you’ve completed that, you’ll be able to follow through with this easily.

I’ll go into more detail on what is all about in a future post. For now, please let Mushyrulez know what you think of his work by leaving a comment on his post.

Thanks :)

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