Want to get in touch? The best way to do this is via Twitter: I’m @MichaelJW. This way, I’ll see your message very soon after you send it (maybe even immediately), and I’m more likely to answer.

I’m also on Google+.

If you want to suggest a new topic for a tutorial, you’re better off using the Suggestions page. And if you’ve got a question about a specific tutorial, the best place to ask is in the comments for the tutorial itself — that way, everyone can see the discussion.

Finally, you can contact me via email using the form below – but I’d rather you use Twitter. I get a LOT of emails in my job as editor for Activetuts+ and for Android.AppStorm already.

If you have a problem with your code that you need to sort out, I recommend you read my mini-series on debugging. For AS3-specific problems, check out How To Fix Bugs In Flash.

If you need actual human advice, I’d advise using Stack Overflow – you might find that your question has already been asked and answered before; even if it hasn’t, there are plenty of clever people on that site.

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