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Freelance Tutorial Writing

You’ve made something awesome, but no-one knows how to use it?

I can help.

Comprehensive documentation and thick-as-a-brick manuals are all well and good, but they’re for power users and your development team: people who are already obsessed with your software or API.

For new users to fall in love with your product, they’ll need to understand what it can do. No, a list of features and a video screencast isn’t enough — there’s no substitute for the power of first-hand experience.

That’s where I come in. I write tutorials to learn from (not “walkthrough” tutorials like you’d use for submitting your tax return); engaging lessons that show the reader how to use your product to achieve something they really want to do.

Such a tutorial serves as more than just documentation. It can form the backbone of a blog and the seed of an online community. It can be used as a marketing point (“look how easy it is to do [remarkable activity] with [your product]“). Knowledgable users means less support calls asking basic questions. Interesting topics means further spreading on social media — which in turn means better Google rankings, and a higher authority in your niche for you.

This blog doubles as my portfolio. If you’re interested in consulting with me, having me write a tutorial for you, or just talking, get in touch, any time.

Freelance Flash Development

I’m also available to hire as a Flash developer. I’m primarily a programmer, rather than an illustrator or animator, but that doesn’t mean I’m a complete tech-head; I understand the importance of explaining complex ideas, whether that’s in written form (see above) or through software interaction.

By education I’m a mathematician and physicist. Prior to becoming an ActionScript 3.0 coder, I worked as an ASP and .NET server-side programmer, for small local businesses, large national companies, and British councils.

Today I am focused on educational application development, and, in particular, game-based learning. Want to talk? Contact me.

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